Our effort

Our effort is to be succeeded in “We rectify our History” by rectifying the world’s biggest fact distortion, archeological scandal and incredible history fabrication that has ever happened. This is our sincere effort to reveal the true facts about “Gothama Samana the Buddha” and the “Helabodu Civilization” to the world. This project is managed jointly by two organizations, “Ariyakammattana” of Europe and “Center for Helabodu History Studies” of Sri Lanka.

After a lengthy quest, we have found that the history of whole Indian sub-continent is a fabricated one. It has been fabricated by early officers that were under the East India Company at the British Colonial time in Indian subcontinent. Particularly, the history of Sri Lanka and India have been distorted. A false history been fabricated upon their assumption and was established in society through the school and university education systems that were implemented under the British rule.

The above fabrication has seriously impacted the world as follows:

  1. False and fabricated information related to the historical Buddha Gothama has been implemented throughout the Globe.
  2. The students learning Buddhist history around the world have continuously learned false and fabricated information related to the Indian sub-continent and the historical Thathagatha Gothama Samana, as well as the Sakyamuni and Sakyasingha.
  3. The Theravāda Buddhists disciples visiting those falsely introduced sacred places of the Buddha, with the intention of attaining Nibbana or preventing them from going to hell after death, has been misled. They have also spent huge amounts of money and time visiting those wrong places.
  4. The Global Buddhist community has taken over the control of many sacred places of Jain and Hindu sovereign in India by thinking that they are related to Buddha.

After evaluating the above impact, we strongly believe that the real facts must be reestablished for the common benefit of all the world’s citizens. Therefore, we are putting forth our fullest effort to:

  • Take a legal action against the authorities who have distorted the real historical facts of last Thathagatha (Gothama Samana), his lands, and his language. The aim of taking legal action is to prove the real facts on a judicial ground with the intention of awaking the world community to the true facts.
  • Recollect all of the ancient helabodu knowledge by collecting ancient manuscripts that have been brought to England, France, Denmark, and the Netherlands at the time of colonial period, and also establish a digital manuscripts library with free access.
  • Create a fresh history and archeological survey and excavation for searching and restoring the real facts of Thathagathas and real helabodu history.
  • Search, develop, and restore the language of Thathagatha—and publish a correct encyclopedia of Suddha Māghadhi Buddhavacahana with English, Sinhala, Thai, and Burmish definitions.
  • Obtain digital copies of earliest version of Tipitaka from palm, gold, silver and copper levees manuscripts kept in the British library and re-publish with correct definitions.
  • Establish and new university faculty of Suddha Māghadhi, Hela Prakirt, and Pure Dhamma.
  • Teach the pure Nibbāna path for those who wish to attain Nibbāna within this lifetime.
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