Court case in England

Ariyakammattana has started a formal lawsuit in the United Kingdom against the Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office, and the Department of Education of the United Kingdom Government by claiming that the British colonial authorities have distorted, altered, and fabricated the historical facts of the Buddha and his real birth land.

The claim has been submitted to the Attorney General Department of the UK on the grounds of Misstatement and Breach of Human Rights Act 1998 of the United Kingdom.

  1. Breach of Article 9 of HRA 1998 – Freedom of Thought, Belief, and Religion
  2. Breach of Article 10 HRA 1998 – Freedom of Expression
  3. Breach of Protocol 1, Article 2 – Right to Education

The legal processes were initiated by Ariyakammattana in January 2020 against the UK Government, but stalled during the Coronavirus pandemic. However, on 24th April 2021 we restarted the legal proceedings. The Attorney General Department of the United Kingdom is representing the respondents.

The aim of taking legal action is to prove the real facts on a judicial ground with the intention of awakening the world community to the true facts. In addition, this formal lawsuit gives the opportunity for the authorities (Defendants) who have distorted the real historical facts of the last Thathagatha (Gothama Samana), his lands, and his language to give pardon for their wrongdoing.

The Ariyakammattana is seeking the following from this legal action

  1. Public apology for wrongdoing
  2. Monetary compensation to conduct new scientific investigation
  3. Digital copies of all Sri Lankan Ola Leaf manuscripts
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