We Rectify Our History

“We rectify our History” is a project launched to rectify the world’s biggest fact distorting and history fabrication that has ever happened. This is specially designed to reveal true facts about the “Gothama Samana the Buddha” and the “Helabodu Civilization” to the world. This is managed jointly by two organizations, “Ariyakammattana” of Europe and “Center for Helabodu History Studies” of Sri Lanka.

Both organizations are working hand-in-hand to achieve its final goal, to restore the lost Nibbāna path once again for the world. But we have clearly identified that it is not possible to do that until we restore the true historical facts related to its last rediscover “Gothama Samana the Buddha”, the last Thathāgatha. Therefore, we have started to rectify the helabodu civilization where all Thathāgathas belong to. Now, we have identified the true birth land of Thathāgathas, but it is necessary to rediscover the true language of Thathāgathas and correct chronology of their existence.

We have already discovered the reason that Nibbāna was lost and that is the systematical distortion of “Helabodu Civilization” is been done by the early European colonial occupation. The British Colonial rule drastically has fabricated history the history related to the historical Buddha Gothama and has been established those false information through the public education system that implemented under their Colonial rule since 1900. The biggest problem is that the especially like Sri Lanka still continues on the same path set by the British.

We believe that there is no reason for us to live on believing false information provided by a foreign history fabrication, because we can easily rectify our history ourselves. The “We rectify Our History” is created to undertake this task.

After studying at length in India, Sri Lanka, Tibet, Nepal, Myanmar, Thailand, Ancient Babylonia and Bactria (Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan), and Ancient Silk Route, we have discovered the true historical facts; and now need to take necessary steps to prove those facts scientifically. We will do this by following initial steps:

  • Filling a court case against the British authorities in United Kingdom by asking for a formal, public apology.
  • Taking legal procedures to stop the continuation teaching of false information in Sri Lanka.
  • Prepare a ground work to conduct an international-level, fresh Archaeological Surveys covering India, Sri Lanka, and ancient Bactria, in order to confirm and reveal the true facts to the world about helabodu civilization and the true existence of “Gothama Samana the Buddha”.

Once the above steps are taken, we will also:

  • Search, develop and restore the language of Thathāgatha. We are planning to publish a “Lexicon” to provide correct definitions to the Thathāgathavachana (Suddha Māghadhi Sounds Signs) by Sinhala, English, Thai, and Burmish languages.
  • Obtain digital copies of earliest version of Tipitaka and Hela Atuā from ancient manuscripts and re-publish with the correct definitions.
  • Conduct the above mentioned international-level, fresh Archaeological Surveys covering India, Sri Lanka, and ancient Bactria.
  • Obtain digital copies of ancient Hela manuscripts kept in European libraries and establish a Digital Library with free access.
  • Establish and new university faculty of Suddha Māghadhi, Hela Prakirt and Pure Dhamma.
  • Teach pure Nibbāna path for those who wish to attain Nibbāna within this lifetime.

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