Dhansale Dhana Seettuwa

The Hela Bodhu Balakaya and Friends of Nature of Ariyakammattana organization is providing a 365 days Danasala for pilgrims those visiting Siri Sambodhiya at Bomaluwa and other Buddhist sacred sites in the area. And also, for the surrounding villages and children who need food. 

The Dansala is open for anyone who wishes to have a healthy Breakfast and Lunch. We also provide evening snacks and dinner for resident pilgrims. All food is vegan and made by organic native rice, organic vegetables, and fruits. Everything grows and served in a plastic, polyline and chemical free indigenous environment. 

We invite you to make a donation to this great meritorious action, gain merits and further transfer the merits to your relations and loved ones who passed away. 

To sustain this daily Dansala, we have made a Dhana Seettuwa. The cost is estimated as follows. You can choose a whole day or a one Buddha Puja and a meal as preference to you

Morning Buddha Puja and Breakfast for all visitors Rs.  12,000 per day
Noon Buddha Puja and Lunch for all visitors Rs.  25,000 per day
Evening Gilanpasa Buddha Puja, snacks and dinner for resident pilgrims Rs.    6,000 per day
Whole day 3 Buddha Puja and 3 meals Rs.  43,000 per day

Please contact one of the following to reserve a Dhana

Sri Lanka

  • Malinda Patabandi +94 70 255 6052
  • Priyantha Kariyawasam +94 77 287 7130

And or the following overseas members

  • South Korea –  Krishantha Getamanna +82 10 5852 9674
  • Italy – Premachandra Hettiarachi         +39 329 574 8658
  • United Kingdom – Swarna Raterala   + 44 758 499 0017

or through   dhana@ariyakammattana.org

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