Naturally restoring the Earth around the Siri Sambodhiya and thereby healing the Siri Sambodhiya

    The lands in and around Bomaluwa Gama were previously sold and used for agriculture, therefore most of the natural environment has been destroyed and trees have been cut. To revitalize this sacred area and renew the nature around the Siri Sambodhiya, the concept of permaculture (food forest/forest garden) will be used to recreate a natural self-sustaining biodiverse ecosystem, as well as to recreate the natural environment that existed on these lands during the time of the Buddha. Restoring the harmonious natural environment will consequently heal and re-energize the sacred Siri Sambodhiya.

    To establish a food forest in Bomaluwa Gama and the surrounding area, Ariyakammattana is planning to plant, protect, and grow various wild native trees and plants. We will be growing native trees such as Mango, Damba, Na (Iron wood), Ma dan (Black plum), Mee, Kumbuk (Arjun), Kata-kela, Damina, Aralu, Bulu (Baheda), Nelli (Amla), Ati kehel (Wild banana), Katu Anoda (Soursop), Lolu (Glue berry), Thimbiri (Gaub), Sapu (Cempaka), etc. The seeds used to grow the trees and plants will be wild seed varieties that are native to Sri Lanka (not hybrid, GMO, and cultivar seeds). Nawa Dalu hena (nine types of specific plants) will also be grown to invite traditional insects that will thereby restore an equilibrium among invertebrate and vertebrate animals in the area. Bees are necessary for the health of the ecosystem, pollination of flowers, and production of fruit crops, therefore bee hives will be built/installed in areas that will receive the first rays of morning sun and will be located nearby to a source of water. In addition, many chemicals have been applied to the soil in and around Bomaluwa Gama in the recent past for farming, therefore we will have to establish the lost microorganisms in the soil. Reestablishing a rich biodiverse ecosystem ensures all living beings (humans, animals, microorganism, etc) can live in equilibrium and in harmony with each other.

    Plant protection cages will need to be built using wood and natural materials to protect the young trees and plants. Clay pots will be required to water the saplings and young plants. Only manual tools will be used for all aspects of this project (no gas/power/battery driven tools/machines). Pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilizers, and chemicals will not be used. No artificial materials and plastic products will be used. All these efforts are intended to ensure we are consistent with our endeavour to restore our love and respect for the Earth and Mother Nature.

    Restoring the natural environment is foundational to help each of us connect with the Earth and Nature. The energy we put into the natural environment is consequently what we get in return in the form of food, medicine, and wellbeing. In fact, all the native trees and plants that will be planted are medicinal and are vital for our health. All needs for our health comes from the Earth, therefore our aim is to support the renewal of the forest vegetation such that all the needs for our health will be supplied from the forest crops.

    To further express the importance of reestablishing the natural wilderness, it is evident that even Prince Gotama Siddhattha, who had all the material riches he could ask for had to leave his castles to reconnect with Nature in search of the Truth. Prince Siddatta needed to connect with the natural Energy of the Universe via meditating at the base of the Bodhi tree which is a point of connection between the Earth and Universe when he made the determination to achieve Buddhahood. Buddha found the answers to how Nature works (explanation for one’s natural rebirth cycles and why one is bound by continual mental distress), therefore it is imperative for us to also be fully connected within a natural way of living to realize these Natural Laws of Buddha’s Dhamma. This self-sustaining natural biodiverse environment was present in Buddha’s time, but now this natural lifestyle has been destroyed, so now we plan to re-establishing it to provide all of Buddha’s disciples with the necessary pre-conditions to hasten one’s journey to Nibbāna. When one’s mind is free and relaxed while being immersed in Nature, one can realize the Dhamma more easily and many people can progress on their path to Nibbāna. In fact, the environment at Bomaluwa Gama, once established, will provide the right livelihood one requires as 1 of 8 pillars in the Noble Eightfold Path to enter on the path to Nibbāna. We expect this environment will support many in achieving their Nibbana in this lifetime and we can be blessed with many Arahathan Wahanses in the future.

    If you wish to support this initiative to re-establish this diverse natural environment, you may provide financial support, donate plants/seeds/clay pots/natural materials to build plant protection cages, or volunteer to plant/protect/grow these trees and plants. May the merits that you acquire for this kusala action support your health and wellbeing to help you on your path to Nibbāna.

    Bank account details to transfer funds

    Account Number 100300009458
    Branch Code 030
    Bank Code 7162

    *For additional information or to discuss how you can provide non-monetary support/volunteer, please contact us by email and we will do our best to respond back soon via email or phone call.

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