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Ariyakammattana is a non-profit organization that is incorporated and registered in both Sri Lanka and Europe by Buddhists with Sri Lankan roots. The organization’s members wish to rectify the Helabodu history and bring back the pure Buddha Dhamma that has been distorted starting in the 19th century under British invasion of Sri Lanka. Ariyakammattana is led by a Theravada Buddhist monk, Bikkhu Ariyamagga. Ariyakammattana is nonviolent and always works with the consideration of love and kindness towards all living beings in the whole universe. We are also extremely considerate of preserving the universal environment.

The organization is fully independent and does not belong to any other religious and/or social groups. Further, Ariyakammattana is free from all political views and does not discriminate on gender, nationality, religion, cast, or any other social groups.

Currently, a majority of Ariyakammattana’s members have Sri Lankan roots, however any citizen of the world who agrees with the organization’s goals can become a member.


The main goal of Ariyakammattana is to restore the Nibbāna that has been long lost from the world and help those who wish to attain Nibbāna within this lifetime, not after death or in future lives. To ensure the success of this main goal, Ariyakammattana strongly believes it is not possible to restore the lost Nibbāna path without rectifying the distorted historical facts of Gothama Samana the Buddha (the last discoverer of the path). Therefore, a secondary goal is to correct the Helabodu history that has been distorted. It is necessary to re-identify Buddha Gothama’s birth land, Buddha’s four sacred sites, the language used during Buddha’s time, and the correct chronology of Buddha Gothama’s events before we start teaching the pure Nibbāna on a larger scale.


To uphold these goals, Ariyakammattana has already undertaken a thorough multiple decades-long study analysis and in-depth research to identify the correct facts, and uncover Buddha Gothama’s homeland and four sacred sites in Sri Lanka. Currently, Ariyakammattana is proving these facts to the world by submitting this case to the United Kingdom civil courts against the UK government to Claim for Negligent Misstatement and Breach of Human Rights Act, for Breach of Freedom of Thought for Belief and Religion, for Breach of Freedom of Expression, and for Breach of Right to Education. The next step is to submit this case to the Sri Lankan courts. In the near future, there will also be an archeological exploration and further restoration of these sacred and ancient sites.