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1. Siri Sambodhiya Cover

Save the Bodhiya

The birth of the ‘Bomaluwa Hela Gama’ in the Uruwela area is intended for the protection of the Siri Sambodhiya and healing of the Earth around the Bodhi Tree. This kusala activity will help reactivate the “Nibbana Energy” to its optimum and revitalize the necessary conditions that are helpful for ‘Ariya Savaka’ to fulfill their Nibbana.


Indigenous Village & Campus

The indigenous Village helps to restore ancient Hela agricultural techniques so that villagers can restore the lost healthy organic ecosystem without using any chemicals and cultivar/hybrid/GMO seeds. We are establishing Hela Thaksalawa (The indigenous Campus) to give the ancient (Dhyapana) education system and train buddhist monks which understand the path of Nibbana well.

2. indeginious village
3. scientific investigation

Scientific investigation & Rectification History

“We rectify our History” is a project launched to rectify the world’s biggest fact distorting and history fabrication that has ever happened. This is specially designed to reveal true facts about the “Gothama Samana the Buddha” and the “Hela” Civilization to the world. we have discovered the true historical facts; and now need to take necessary steps to prove those
facts scientifically.




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