This donation page is to give you the opportunity to perform a meritorious deed (kusala action) and acquire merit. A donation of any monetary amount can be made. In addition, you can decide how you wish your contribution to be used by selecting the kusala activity/activities you prefer to support. We ask that you please perform your sponsorship with a compassionate (metta) mind which will help you to acquire merits to support your goal for Nibbāna (kusala actions support progress on one’s path to Nibbāna).

Support is required for these kusala activities around the Siri Sambodhiya in Uruwela, Palagala:

Please select and click the activity you wish to support, in order to read more about the activity and perform your donation.

May the merits you acquire for your kusala actions,
help you to achieve the ultimate bliss of Nibbāna!

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